A new week, the last week

Just a short post before I head to work. One week until SOCNOC. I expect that my interactive fiction project is totally shot in the gut now. I haven’t touched it since last week. ‘Don’t worry,’ say the internal editors. ‘You should be focusing on writing, not interactive fangdangery …’ Fine then. Another excuse. Back … Continue reading


SOCNOC 2009: Rally cry!

The Metservice tells me that it’s about 5 degrees outside, and a few nights back it was a rather horrid -4 degrees. The sun might be out, dear friends, but that doesn’t fool me. I know it’s utterly freezing. ‘4 layers are recommended to remain comfortable in these conditions’. I’d rather stay inside, thanks, with … Continue reading


Hello Ruzkin!

Firstly, to the person searching for ‘Usagi Yojimbo tea’, and ending up on my blog, I hope that you’re still around to see this possible answer. I think what you’re looking for is an issue which was called Chanoyu. In it, Usagi, and his love interest Tomoe settle down for a traditional tea ceremony. Very … Continue reading


Getting back on the horse

Too much Lego Indiana Jones, but I consider it fair game at the moment. Come Monday thought, I have to make up for the week that I’ve spent floundering over my cold. Thankfully, in the middle of all that, I’ve managed to get of my Huia entry, which was something like dodging rolling boulders. But … Continue reading


I had a dream

I can’t remember when I did, but for some reason I remembered it this morning. Probably because my brain is a soup of conflicting projects and is endlessly thinking in several directions at the moment. SOCNOC is flying on up in a months time. I have two novel ideas, but nothing fixed yet. I still … Continue reading