I continue to do a piss poor job of keeping up with blog posting. In my inbox I’ve kept a copy of an email I got through from Kiwi Writers about Kiwi Writers Blogging Week, coming up 10th-16th October, thinking to myself that I should attempt to do the responsible thing. I think I shall. … Continue reading


SOCNOC 2009: Day 11

The mind is a tricksie thing … so says Merrilee, but it’s rather true. If it’s not busy trying to tell you that you can’t write worth crap, or maybe you could skip today and do something fun instead, it’s always trying to trip you up. Whether you personify it, or call it your inner … Continue reading


Back to the grind

So it’s really not been all that long, but it does rather feel like years. Lets hope that all the last few bits and pieces of works reconstruction is done by the time I get in today. That would just be rather keen. Swell even. And of course, the first order of business when getting … Continue reading



That’s a big yellow tick. As in my Kiwiwriters submission is in and that’s another thing done. I notice that not a lot of people have finished it, but then I guess there still are another 6 days or so before it closes. At least I’ve finished it. Here’s hoping. Today I figure that I … Continue reading