Bad writer, BAD!

I haven’t written since Monday’s segment of AP. I’ve been reading instead and been distracted by other things like MUXs and 360s. I would panic a little more, but most of me thinks I’ll get through it in a few more days. No, I’ll probably get through it next Monday after a weekend of not … Continue reading

Non writing pursuits


I’m sure that one shouldn’t be feeling this sore after a days work. I’m a librarian for damn sakes. Still, I’m hurting in places I ain’t hurt since I came home from a nights fencing and foiling. And it’s only the first day at work. Another three to go, thankfully. It’s a short week. I’m … Continue reading



Well no, actually, I would have called in sick, but didn’t. I canned working on Tyson, which seemed like a dead boring option, and just sat and drunk coffee, watched people drink coffee, and thought about writing. Thought as in thought about writing ideas, knowing full well I wasn’t writing. Or editing. Let’s see how … Continue reading


Limping out of the gates

I started so well Monday, actually starting to write before work. Unfortuantely I set up my spreadsheet instead, losing the chance to get myself a chest from the twisty little passages. Then I skipped lunch writing. And second lunch writing. There’s a rather cool novel, one of my favourite. It’s called Rats and Gargoyles, by … Continue reading