I continue to do a piss poor job of keeping up with blog posting. In my inbox I’ve kept a copy of an email I got through from Kiwi Writers about Kiwi Writers Blogging Week, coming up 10th-16th October, thinking to myself that I should attempt to do the responsible thing. I think I shall. … Continue reading


A call to arms

It would appear that it is that time again. The last time was so far back that I couldn’t recall whether I’d entered or what the results were, but Cassie put me back on track. I’m talking about the Search Term Challenge. Last time around I entered with two entries, and Ruzkin took out top … Continue reading


My various addictions

I’m a sucker for online games. I personally find the internet a strange place. For all it has, I find myself generally on an endless holding pattern, going from site to site in a small group of my favourites. From them, I generally keep up to date with what I need to know. My biggest … Continue reading