About me

1004916_151198088414982_1146956990_nI’m a New Zealand born and bred Maori (Ngapuhi) writer. I’ve been writing for a long while now, having been published locally in Huia Short Stories 2007, as well as overseas in America in both print and e-print. I’m also a published novelist through Bold Strokes Books. You can pick up my debut novel from there or from Amazon in paperback and ebook format.

Most of my writing tends to focus on young, urban characters, usually dealing with issues of poverty or sexuality. Having said that, I’m a fan of writing speculative fiction, whether it be science fiction, fantasy or horror.

I’m not so sure I have influences, but I do admire James Earl Hardy, and my first short story published right alongside one of his.

About my blog

My blog is mostly about writing, but more about life. I tend to write a lot about writing, as much about all of my curious interests, whether it be movies, books, or gaming. Life is writing, but writing is also life as well. It all goes into the pot.

Where to find my fiction

My rather grand experiment in serial fiction is always up and ready on the right there, Agent Provocateurs. Albeit somewhat rough.

Below is a list of other places you’ll find me in print;

2007 .. Save Point, Huia Short Stories 7
2009 .. For Queen and Country, The Kiwi Writers Challenge Collection
2010 .. The Subtle Profession, Yellow Medicine Review