A journey of small steps

I’m pretty candid on my writing process and progress here on my blog. I know that as gathered and together that most successful authors look, they still have doubts and fears and stumbles when it comes to writing. It’s just that I probably tend to wear mine of my sleeve a little more than others.

A month back or so I came up with a new plan when it came to writing. It embodies a lot of what you need for writing. It was a well structured document with goals and deadlines and outcomes. A lot of it are fairly nebulous. I’m embarking into an area of writing that I’ve not ventured down before, namely self publishing. But the important thing is that the intent is written. That and I’ve allowed myself the room to wiggle and change up if I need to.

I also considered something that I’ve struggled with a lot in my writing journey; my motivations for writing. The goals and motivations in this project are fairly clear cut and set. Keeping these things in my mind, I think I have a decent shot at making it all work.

Hyper organized as I am the plan comes with a year milestone as well as 3 and 6 month milestones. Already I might have to reconsider some of those deadlines.

I’m very much an Aries in many ways. I’m an ideas man. I have the big ideas, burning as bright as my sign. I tend to get bored of them as quickly as I come up with them. It’s easy for the flame to burn low. Part of the reason I’ve been fairly guarded about my goals and process on this project is fear of failure. Telling many that I’m up to something, with these concrete goals, and not succeeding. Especially given my track record over the last few years.

Visibility in this case is probably keeping me honest, but I think it’s my motivations that keep me strong. Some of the goals of this project are already starting to come together. I have a domain registered (although I still have to work on the site). I have a first draft sorted for part 1 of things. I have a clear idea of what I need to do next.

Lessons to learn here? Write your goals. Have deadlines. Be flexible. Embrace the fear. And most of all, the most important of all, write the words.

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