Domains and all that good stuff

I’m on a mission at the moment, but I’ve not let on to too many people. Possibly because I’ve been through so much stopping and starting recently with writing I don’t want to jinx a good thing. Lets just say that so far the plan is going swimmingly.

Part of that plan is finally getting around to sorting my writing website. Step one of that went live a few days ago, registering http://www.tamawise.com and http://www.tamawise.co.nz. The next step is going to be making this place look a lil more presentable.

From there? Well, I’ll let on more about this in the next coming months, but I have a plan and it appears to be going a lot better than prior plans. I think it comes down to a bit of soul searching and most importantly, finding the right motivators.

More to come, needless to say. In the meanwhile, that photo is possibly one of the most obscure references to the subject at hand than any I’ve put on my blog. Kudos to anyone who can spot it.

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