Notebooks, not notebooks

When it comes to writing I’ve always been digital. I started writing on my Commodore 64 way back at the tender age of around 13 or 14 I think, but I can’t quite remember what application I was using at the time. It predated George R R Martin’s favorite setup. It was just a little better than a modern text editor.

Even now, all of my writing is done in some digital format, even if only in something as basic as a text editor (I’ve been using OpenOffice, Scrivener and Ommwriter of late). All backed up tidily by Google Drive, across the three machines I use. Two Macs, one Asus Eee.

But when it comes to the planning of writing, and the making of notes, that’s not such a tidy process at all. I try to keep my projects all in one place, and the notes that relate to them in the same place. I have a number of scattered .txt files in countless locations, and now and then I discover them anew, along with their little nuggets of information.

Proper writers are meant to keep notebooks, of the paper form, within hands reach to fill with whatever thoughts and observations come to their minds. I’m far from a proper writer in that when I have an idea, I generally muse on it long enough to get behind a computer. Ill either email it to myself or open up a file in Google Drive or Evernote (oh yeah, another repository of writing guff).

Of late I’ve managed to garner a pretty impressive stock of paper goods. A number of different pens and pencils, and most recently an actual notebook. I figure I’ll give this paper notebook a try in the next few months and see how I go with things. My orderist mind hates the idea of all those ideas just floating around on the page, without the ability to cut/paste them all into sections and such.

Any hints or tips on how to use one of these things? I appear to have worked out how to open it …

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