2014 is here

I’m not much one for New Years resolutions. I’m a firm believer that if you want to change, you don’t need a date after a Christmas season of excesses to do it. I also resolve to do my best, and that’s good enough for me.

Coming up with a plan isn’t a bad thing though. So what does 2014 hold?

More than anything I need to get Cay sorted. I think it’s doable to get a working finished product of him before end of year. At the moment, I’ve completed first read through. It’s rough, but there’s a good novel in there. Just before end of year I started mapping out the chapters. From here, it’s a matter of working out what to do to make the story shine.

I need to blog more, that much is a given. I’ll be working with some colleagues on a special project soon that I think might help me with that.

I need to do more stuff writing wise, more, more in general. I never feel as if I’m going hard enough when it comes to writing. I think I might put this goal down on the bottom of the list. It might be a good idea I think to try and get some short stories out there again.

And this site needs an overhaul. This year might be the year I finally decide to get my own domain. I’ve had a number of them in the past, just not one of my own name.

Back to writing. Or rather, editing.

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