Now for the hard bit …

So I’ve completed (finally) the first read through on draft 1 of Kingdom of the Sun, a modern fantasy novel that I’ve been working on so far for the better part of a year. Good news is that in there somewhere is a pretty damn sweet novel. Bad news is that it needs a lot of work.

This is where it gets hard. But then that’s what first drafts are about, just getting it down on paper.

From here I’m going to need to do a lot of rewriting. Some characters are going to need entire rewrites. Things need to be tightened up structurally. It’s a big job, but then I’ve never written anything this long before. First draft weights in at around 130,000 words.

The fun (yet distracting) bit is the fact I can see the story for about three or four novels in every direction. There’s scope. A good thing, but not so good when you have to knuckle down with getting this novel sorted.

What happened to my bossa nova inspired crime serials? All that work is still there, but it turned out that it was going to take nearer to 6 months to do right. Not the easy filler project between finishing draft 1 of Kingdom of the Sun and starting the next.

But, somewhere in all of 2013, I’ve managed to write around 122,000 words on various projects. Not a bad total, and way up on last year. Not the best measure, but a measure none the less.

Back to it, I would say. Carry on.


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