A good day for Ommwriter

I know I’ve raved somewhere here about Ommwriter before, but it deserves a little more raving today. If you haven’t already checked it out, todays a good day to do so. The already cheap software is even cheaper, but you’re running out of time to get it at that price.

What is this thing, I hear you cry. Good question. I’ve been through countless programs for writing (at the moment I’m using Scrivener) in my many years. Ommwriter is another program for writing, but it has a number of key differences that I can’t speak highly enough of.

Ommwriter cancels out the world around you. No, really. It does. Ommwriter is one of the few programs I know that works full screen, which is a good start because you’re not reminded of the other things on your computer.  It does this in default with a washed out white landscape. Peaceful. Serene. If that’s not to your liking though, you can just pick one of a number of defaults.

To further trap your senses into the act of writing, it also comes with sound too. Slap on some headphones and listen to a number of various soothing, encompassing sounds. The website speaks of the software and the experience something akin to meditation. That’s a pretty apt analogy.

There is a demo version you can check out, and the full version is paid by donation at a minimum amount (which today is even smaller than it was before).

So impressed with this software was I that one of the characters in my recent novel has a placeholder name of Omm. I just wish that right now I was writing, rather than editing, so that I could go to this most peaceful of writing happy places.


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