Kingdom of the Sun, finally done

I’ve spent the best part of year with Cay. He’s a guy who starts off with pretty much nothing, and very quickly loses what little else he has. He weathers the outbreak of World War 3, and what he quickly considers as psychosis that runs in the family. During the time I’ve spent with him, I’ve detonated three nukes, destroyed two worlds, and killed off countless characters. Today, finally, I put the last chapter on the first draft of what is at the moment a 130,000 word epic fantasy.

It’s a huge, rambling mess of words that are probably a lot closer to my outlook on the world and beyond than I’ve written to date. For now, it goes into the bottom draw to sit and gather dust. As is the way with all first drafts. Come a few months from now I can cut it up with a fresh eye.

In the meanwhile, with my desk clear for the moment, I’m mobbed with countless other projects demanding my time and attention. Everything is a shiny new idea at this time of writing. I had thought that I’d be going straight onto a new teen novel that has all but plotted itself, but other characters push their way to the front, seducing me with their smooth talk.

What I’ll actually end up working on next will probably come in short order. I doubt I’ll let myself sit all that idle. A weekend off and maybe a day or two musing, then straight back into plotting and writing. At this point in my writing career the one thing I generally consider is ‘what purpose will this project serve?’.

More soon.


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