Book review: Rust, by Christopher Ruz

Down here in the Southern hemisphere we’re grinding through a particularly cold winter. The perfect time to start something new, in terms of serial fiction, and Rust more than delivers with moody atmospheres to match the season. Rustwood is a small town where it never seems to stop raining, and where secrets scratch and shift just beneath the surface. After being pushed from a train platform in New York, Kimberly Archer wakes in Rustwood, in someone else’s life. Trying to convince everyone she isn’t who they believe her to be is tough, or maybe she might just be wrong about her past.

This serial not only comes at a perfect time of the year for me, but I’m a sucker for the small town setting, where everyone seems to know everyone. It’s close, intimate and just makes the horror of this series all the more uncomfortable. Christopher Ruz does a great job not only with the setting and characters, but keeps the pace cracking along, while telling the story of multiple characters. Sure, this is Kimberly Archer’s story, but it’s also the story of Rustwood and its inhabitants.

The ending, and the whole premise leaves me hungry for more. Just the thing you want in a serial series. Is Kimberly who she thinks she is? What’s really going on in Rustwood? And what is it that’s really lurking just outside the hospital on the hill?

Also worth praise is the format of this volume. Don’t let the price scare you in terms of Ruz’s professional approach to the layout. It’s FAQ in the back lent a real insight into the authors investment both in the series and his audience. The cover images used throughout appeared perfectly, where my Kindle has seemed to hash up some graphics in the past.

Do yourself a favor. Head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy.


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