Reading when you should be writing

Somewhere in the middle of all my time off I’ve ended up spending a lot of time reading peoples theories on why there’s such a delay on the next book in a Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones to those of the TV inclined). A few theories are the amount of time that George R R Martin takes off at the moment, and he doesn’t write during his time off.

I can relate to that. Well, not so much don’t, as find it hard with so many distractions.

Amongst all that reading about Song of Ice and Fire, I inevitably ended up thinking about all the many issues of pacing and such that I have with the series. That aside though, I can’t entirely fault him. He’s published. That’s pretty much the be all and end all of any writing complaints. But in the middle of all that reading, I came across another series that is meant to be just as sweet; the Mazalan Book of the Fallen. Book one is Gardens of the Moon.

I love fantasy with scope and destruction. I love to get lost in fantasy. It’s probably what drew it to me as a kid, and kept me writing all these years. I also end up voraciously devouring any decent examples of this genre. And wanting to mess crap up as nicely in my own novels. Have to get through writing the first before I can do many sequels, publishing allowing.

Another such example of the sort of fantasy I like is Century of Sand, by writing compatriot Christopher Ruz. Anything that will take me into another world and keep me there for a while. With all this time off, I might not have got a heck of a lot of writing done, but I’ve still lost myself in fantasy worlds. And that’s what good downtime should be all about.

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