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Finally famous

What is the definition of fame? Having a string of short stories under your name both nationally and in the USA? Being a published novelist? Or having yourself as a character in fan fiction?

Long term writing friend and compatriot of mine Christopher Ruz has been working on an X-Com fan fiction that I can definitely get behind on a number of levels. It’s the sort of crazy writing idea that I’d come up with, were I not firmly fixed on finishing this current novel. Essentially it’s a no holds barred write up of his current play through of X-Com (PS3 version). And as we’re all guilty of at some point as X-Com fans Ruzkin is naming his soldiers after friends.

Finally though, I’ve made an appearance in the series. There’s a decent amount of chapters already to read through, and it’s worth checking out, for more reason than I manage to survive a mission. I’m looking forward (rather hoping) for a long career as a literary character in the series.


2 thoughts on “Finally famous

  1. I was about to say, “You only just made an appearance?” but when I looked back at my notes I realised you were right – all your missions up until now have gone so smoothly that there wasn’t any point in writing them up. You’re just TOO GOOD, man!

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