An update of sorts

I have been writing.

2012 had been a bit of a up and down year in terms of produced work, but I did get a novel published during that time, and started two novels as well as working on a ghost writing project and a few other bits and pieces.

Some might rate that as a rather stellar year, actually, but I’m fairly hard on my writing self. I tend to forget the ups when I’m in the downs. Most of my focus in writing is on word counts and output. Can’t see the forest for the trees sort of thing.

Earlier in last year I started working on a novel that had been in my mind for a while, throwing together all my favorite things into the pot and seeing what happens. 60,000 words in, it got disrupted by something, although I can’t remember what. It’s a far post apocalyptic fantasy novel, following a technologist and his group as he tracks down a weapon that will end a coming war.

Somewhere along the year I considered that I should be writing something specifically focussed on getting published again and started Kingdom of the Sun. It ended up having a lot of the same sort of themes but done a little better I thought. More robust information can be found a few posts down from this one, when Ruzkin called me out.

Currently, I’m at around 27,000 words for that project, with a fairly decent idea on where it’s going. And although I find it pretty liberating to just write, knowing that it’s the first draft and things are fluid to the final form, this ones a bit of a hard slog. I tell myself I just have to knuckle down and write. And on a daily basis too. Time to find my stride again.


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