One of my first gaming memories

I know I’ve written about this game before (or it might have been its successor Guild of Thieves), it’s just my blog is sprawling enough that it would be a hard search to hunt it out. I’ve certainly spoken about Interactive Fiction, but this predates all that, back when they were called ‘text adventures’.

Showing my age, I was thinking about The Pawn by Magnetic Scrolls a few days ago. It’s possibly one of my earliest gaming memories. Released in 1985, I didn’t play it until much later, but I remember reading reviews for it in gaming magazines back in the day. Along with The Last Ninja, it was one of the few games with rather stunning graphics. Magnetic Scrolls were known for their rich games with equally rich graphics. The monk there was one of the screenshots showcasing the game.

The Pawn is the story of you, the player, knocked out cold and waking up in a strange fantasy world. Most text adventures back then were fantasy games. With a strange bracelet afixed to your wrist, you had to find a way to get it off, and get home. It was released on a number of platforms including the Commodore 64, but I think I eventually played it on the PC.

Magnetic Scrolls went onto make a number of other games, probably their most famous was Guild of Thieves. Their only game I played on the C64 was Corruption. It had groundbreaking things like time based puzzles, including one that relied on you waiting outside your bosses office for him to use the bathroom before breaking in and searching the place.

I still look back fondly on those old games. Now days, as I’ve recently discovered, you can play them on the Magnetic engine. All the Magnetic Scrolls games are up on there for playing, something I’d recommend if you feel like a bit of a mental challenge rather than one that relies on reflexes. At the risk of showing your age also, what are your earliest gaming memories?


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