Hello ALA!

I would say ‘hot on the tail of my Kirkus Star’ but it’s actually been a good number of months. Still, the news is just as good for my novel Street Dreams. It has been nominated for the America Library Association Rainbow Book list 2013. It’s currently on the shortlist (it’s a fairly long shortlist, but it’s an honor to be amongst the books listed there, including one that I’ve been meaning to get my hands on for a little while now) and the final list will be decided in January next year.

It sort of strange to think that Tyson and all are making their way through libraries and such across America, but that is sort of where I hoped they would end up. I always sort of aimed to write the sort of book that I wished had existed back when I was dealing with my own sexuality. It’s very cool seeing it get out there and end up lists that will get it to the sort of people I hope will help.

Watch this space.


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