Urban top 5; week 4, April, 1992

Well, I continue to follow the charts, 20 years ago. As it turns out, this week around is a rather sad one. I spoke last week about how I loved Joe Publics pretty much one stand out track Live and Learn. Around 20 years ago was the time that they saw their largest amount of success on the charts.

Number 3.

Given that I’ve been listening to a lot of 20 years ago music of late, I’ve ended up with Live and Learn on fairly high rotation. It’s a catchy track that had the sort of cautionary lyrics of a lot of tracks of the time. That, and it’s hard to pin to a genre, with it’s feet firmly rooted in R&B and New Jack Swing. When was the last time you saw a group playing their own instruments?

I discover in dismay that you can buy their album for as little as a cent on Amazon. You can even buy it on cassette (what’s that?). Why not celebrate the peak of their success by picking up their album? Here’s to you Joe Public.

Otherwise, the rest of the charts for this period 20 years back.

1. Don’t be Afraid, Aaron Hall (Juice soundtrack). Making a move to number one after last week. Aaron Hall, post Guy and post Teddy Riley.

2. Goodbye, Tevin Campbell. Also hitting the highest that it ever got up the charts.

3. Live and Learn, Joe Public.

4. All Woman, Lisa Stanfield. I have to admit that I don’t know this track either. There’s a lot I’m learning that I didn’t notice first time around in this decade. I knew All Around The World, and that’s about it from Ms Stanfield.

5. Why Me Baby, Keith Sweat, feat. LL Cool J. Can’t remember if I mentioned this last week, but this is probably one of my most favorite LL tracks, and favorite Keith Sweat tracks. LL really lays it down on this one, even if he’s not even rapping.

Notable mentions in the rest of the top 10 have to be En Vogues My Lovin’. These girls predated Destiny’s Child by a whole lot, and had to have had some of the meanest and most fierce tracks back in the day. This one is no exception, with its cool harmonies.

And before Astro was banging the hell out of this track on X-Factor, Kriss Kross were burning it up. Jump. I think Astro proved that even today this track can move people.  Every bit of this track just comes together so nice.

The next week on the charts is May, first week, 1992, and somewhat the same as this week really. I might talk about the hot albums of the time instead. 


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