Watching movies

I have found myself watching a lot of movies of late, and even subjected myself to a number that I knew would be lacking. Still, here’s a little of a heads up so that you don’t have to subject yourself to the same.

In the case of the first film, I’d be surprised if you could even find it. TKO is just wrong in so many ways, I could rant for hours on it. It’s an underworld street fighting film where it’s do or die (one has to wonder why it’s called Technical Knock Out in that case).

For a movie that sold itself on fighting, there wasn’t much of it. It was muddy as to who the real man character was, and some of the acting was painfully bad. I think it ended up being a case of a movie trying to do too many things at once, and failing on the basics.

Needless to say, avoid.

Donnie Darko was a great film, why not check out its sequel S Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale. I vaguely remembered that this film had a sequel, and I knew it would be bad. Even worse is the fact that it’s direct to DVD and (after investigating) not involving Richard Kelly in the least.

It could have been a good film, it really could have. Instead of doing anything new though, it ended up just rehashing all the good bits of Donnie. It didn’t add anything to the myth, didn’t explain anything like it hinted it might. Things got a bit dicy and messy towards the middle, and even the ending really didn’t do anything to lift it out of the mire.

Pity, because it did a good job at least of capturing a little of the originals mood and feel. The sleepwalking/dream scenes were just downright boring though.

Avoid, unless it’s on TV. Then, maybe.

Finally, a film that I have to admit to not seeing but finally having caught up on. Citizen Kane. All in all, I enjoyed it. The original story of one mans life as seen from a number of different perspectives, its pacing was great, and some of its cinematography was just incredible. Makes me want to go back and watch old Hitchcock films.

The mystery of the film, finding out what Kane’s last words meant was something that I worked out a bit before the end, but it was a nice and somewhat bittersweet moment to have it confirmed.

Verdict? Yup, see it.

With a few more sitting in my DVD stack, chances are I’ll be well done with this pile before the weekly rental runs out.

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