My debut novel is released

This is something that I should probably have posted a while back, but better late than never. Of course, it’s been rather frequent news on my blog for a little while now, but March is the month, and finally Street Dreams is now released.

Head on over to the Amazon page, or on over to my publishers page at Bold Stroke Books to pick up a copy. At the moment you can pick it up on paperback or ebook format.

Not convinced, or want to learn more about it? Check out the thorough and well written review over at The Muses Circle. Much thanks to Mia for the kind words!  I have to say that it’s reviews like Mia’s that make it all worth it in my opinion.

Finally a published novelist. It’s a strange feeling, but it certainly feels good. The next thing is becoming a novelist with more than one published novelist. I’m pretty sure I can do that, given a bit more hard work. For now, don’t think for a moment that I’m sitting around and not writing. Onwards and upwards.

More to come.


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