Another book release; Century of Sand by Christopher Ruz

There’s another book that’s just been released that I have to rave about. And if you’ve followed my blog for more than a little, you’ll probably have heard me mention my mate Ruzkin more than a few times.

I run the risk of praising Ruz just a lil too much sometimes (with all good reason), so I’ll keep this sharp and to the point. If you have a hankering for fantasy, but something a little different from what has certainly become the staples of the genre, then I invite you to check out his debut novel Century of Sand
without delay.

Reading this novel I knew that I was experiencing something rather special. Century of Sand is a refreshingly different fantasy novel following an alchemist and his daughter as they flee across hostile deserts, trailed by the Magician bent on taking back what was stolen from him. It reminds me of Monster Blood Tattoo (another Australian author on that one) in that it takes what you know of the genre, but puts it in a slightly different world, giving it a fresh spin.

As with all of Christopher Ruz’s books up on Amazon, Century of Sand priced just nice. While you’re up there checking out his debut novel, check out his short story collections too.  You’ll need something to tide you over until the next installment of Century.


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