The day to day

I’ve totally lost track of time at the moment. It’s almost half way through February already, which means that I’m dangerously close to my novel release. What will that be like? Strange I’m sure, but exciting.

In the meantime I continue to hack through Tuhere’s journey as best as I can, ignoring the lingering questions that lurk on the outside. Where would I get this thing published? This is just book one, what about the next one? And the next one? What publishers even publish weird fantasy? Shouldn’t you be sticking to writing fiction like I’m about to release?

(no, but writing fiction, especially fantasy, with well depicted gay male leads is entirely good also)

I did manage to get food poisoning, which has put me back a bit with writing. I’m hoping to make up some lost ground today and I push onto what I think it probably the more tense and interesting part of the novel. Also, after the promptings from a friend, I am wondering exactly where this post apocalyptic setting might be in the world. I have a few ideas. Nothing that I’ll probably flesh out all that well until round 2.

In the meantime I am still managing to get through my reading as quickly as I would like. I’ve just finished Feast for Crows, and I have to say that the series is what not to do in fantasy writing, as much as it is what to do. I’m taking notes, Mr Martin. I guess you can’t please all of the people all of the time, when it comes to epic fantasy, but I have to say that at least it’s fun to read a book that deals with fantasy war in a good way.

Does anyone have any recommendations other than Wheel of Time?

For now, time to get back into writing. A scattered letter this one, but hopefully I will get myself and my thoughts more organised soon.


3 thoughts on “The day to day

  1. I have not reread them since acquiring my “writer-eyes”, but the First and Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant are close to my heart as great fantasy storytelling.

  2. Nope! He’s American, but only there for a sec. Brought through as the hero of an otherworld he doesn’t believe in. He thinks its a dream, so really lets the id rule.

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