The journey continues

I sat down twice to write today, which is pretty normal for this time of the week. On a normal week. Looks like perhaps this week is a return to normality when it comes to writing.

Stats are a rather large part of my writing process and my motivations for writing. It gives me a sort of road map, and shows me how things are going. So, at this point of the project, probably near about 50% of the way through the novel, lets throw open the hood and see what’s underneath.

I’m just a bit shy of 55,000 words so far. I started the project in September of last year. My words per hour stat has been trending downwards a little, but jumped back up last month to around 1,800 words per hour. Total number of hours actually spent on the novel so far on first draft? 29.5 hours. My first month was my most productive so far, with around 20,000 words written in that month alone.

I figure that the story is heading into it’s second half. I’m aiming at about 100,000 words but not really keeping huge tabs on much else than pacing and making sure that things happen as they should. I know there is stuff that’s going to need addressing once draft one is done, but again, it’s a matter of just getting the words down to start with.

I find that it’s very easy to get oneself down on the process of writing. Your mind (even a published authors mind) continuously fights with you in your endeavor. I can ignore most of the usual ones that pop up on the day to day, but the one that my mind has grabbed onto is around the length of time it’s taken to get this draft complete. I wrote Street Dreams in about 2 and half months, that’s 95,000 words on first draft. Why aren’t I doing as well as that?

I find that stats like these help me at least to look at the positive. They’re cold, hard facts for the positive. My high word count and the time I’ve actually spent in terms of hours paint a bit of a nicer picture. Sure, this hasn’t taken 2 and half months, but I do have the statistics on Street Dreams still. If I challenged my doubting mind to go back and compare stats other than the length of the project, I’m sure I’d be spending about the same man-hours on it.

As always, get your ass on the seat behind the keyboard and write. No matter what it takes.


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