A lack of resolutions

Last week was my first time off in a while. I figure that I needed the downtime given my Christmas/New Years period, and even then, it was a shade of how much time I should have taken. I came close to recharging. Probably enough to keep me going until the next time I have time off. And that won’t be all that far away.

Writing suffered during my downtime though, and I didn’t get a word down at all. I have been involved in a few other things, putting together answers for an interview with Bold Strokes, my publisher, and now weening 300 words that best represents my novel for an excerpt.

Tuhere and his journey across the One Nation is a trip that feels almost as long as the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the moment. At around 50,000 words in, and probably four months spent writing, it’s been a hell of a slog. It’s also one that’s been interrupted with a promotion to a more taxing position at work, as well as other writing commitments.

As January slides on I’m rather aware of the many New Years Resolutions posts that have gone out. I used to believe in them, and then I began to peg them back to things far more attainable. This year I’m all for throwing them out entirely. Although the mind is a powerful tool, especially when equipped with goals, I’d rather stick with more short term ones. I have no idea what I’ll be doing in 6 months time when it comes to writing. In the very least, done with draft one of this novel.

Right now, Tuhere is stuck on a hill with his companions behind him, sword in hand, ready to deal with yet another assault. Time to get him off this hill and onto the next.


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