Status report

I’ve been heavily ensconced in proofing, the final task for me in my path to getting Street Dreams published. And now that’s done, all I have to do is sit around and wait for March. January is the month that it goes to print, so I’ve turned in a list of corrections that need to be made and approved the cover and such.

Am I excited yet? More nervous, to tell the truth. My mind it filled with too many other thoughts that ‘you’re now a published novelist!’. The all too reasonable part of my mind replies ‘yes, I already know that’.

There’s a distinct lack of New Years posts here. I haven’t thought about goals for this year, and every year that passes they become more and more modest. Other than writing and getting published again, there’s not a lot of goals on my mind. Having worked through Christmas / New Years, there’s not a lot on my mind, full stop.

I’ve been hacking away at my new novel, the progress of which has been decidedly haphazard. December is not a good month to write, when you’re working through. Neither’s January, by that extension.

Skyrim has lost it’s grip on me. It had after about two weeks when I got it. I’ll go back there again one day. It’s a fun place to go to.

Minecraft continues to hold it’s grip on me, I’m still waiting for an official update to the game that releases something cool.

I’ve started watching Star Trek: Enterprise. In lack of any new Star Trek series even rumored, this is the best I have. Certainly so far, it’s better than Voyager. I have a very hard time imagining that this came before the original series. It sort of exists in a null space for me.

I have watched a number of movies. I should get back to ranting about movies again on my blog.

Oh, and having read through Street Dreams again, this time I have noted down every mention of music in it. It’s a more comprehensive list that I suspected, but it’s one I think I can easily put together. Watch for that in an upcoming post.

For now though. Coffee.


2 thoughts on “Status report

  1. Glad to hear things are ticking away quietly behind the scenes. Now that the proofing is done you can get back to work on writing that new novel 😉

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