Update from the trenches

I’d like to say that I’ve been on holiday, but alas, I’ve been working through the Christmas and New Years. Work at the moment is putting somewhat of a downer on the novel project. I have at least broken the doldrums of the 40,000’s. For a while there, I was making excellent progress.

Still, at the moment that’s on pause for final proofs of Street Dreams. It’s curious to be revisiting the novel again, and a process that just cements in my mind that I want to go the traditional route, rather than self publishing.

Sure, I’ve written the novel, but reading through the final proof makes me realize that many hands have got it into the form that it is in today. My editor, the proof readers. Those that have put it into the final proof. The cover artist. A whole team of people besides myself to bring the book to its published state. All those people are invaluable, people that would be lacking in self publishing.

Final proofs also gives me a chance to pull out all the music that featured in the book so that I can make a post on that subject. Music was always a strong theme of the book. It is one that sort of places it on a local timeline in terms of when that music was released, but it’s also probably one of the strongest periods of local hip hop.

Two days downtime, back to work again on Wednesday. Starting to feel a little like Tyson at the moment. Let’s hope I get some leave sometime soon.


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