It puts the writing in the basket

I’ve decided that for this writing week I’ll write until I die. Write every available moment. Put the writing in the basket (else it gets the hose again). Whatever you’d like to call it, it generally means I’ll write my ass off. So realistically, how’s that working out?

I have about twice the available time now, writing both before work and during lunch times. Technically, I’d also be writing after work, something I should be doing now.

Part of my consternation is my perceived lack of progress on this project. Three months down and I’m sitting at about 45,000 words. For someone whose kicked out novels in half the time, this is something of a stumbling block. Something that might be getting in my way of kicking through the midway doldrums of the novel.

The hardest bit is the first few days. I think that I’ve been sitting on the first few days of a decent run for a while now. When it comes to situations like this, I find the best thing to do is trick the mind with whatever works. And sometimes that requires a few different stabs and a few different strategies.


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