15,000 and climbing

Climbing like beans, which I’ve just put down in the garden. Winter is passed and now it’s just a march onto summer and the end of the year. Always a more productive time I figure, other than when you’re trapped inside writing.

The novels hit 15,000 words and I feel as if I’m starting to hit a bit of stride with the plot. Before this, I’ve been shuffling along, changing things mid-chapter. In one chapter a characters wearing no jacket. Next he is because it only occurs to me he should be. I’ll definitely be needing to ironing out a number of things come draft 2.

I find myself constantly updating the plot in my head. I’m happy for the moment because I’m about three or four chapters ahead of where I’m writing. Always a good place to be, because if I don’t know exactly where the chapters going, or where it’s going to end, I inevitably end up with a sharp drop in productivity.

Updates to come, of course. I’ll probably post something more significant stats wise one month in. I’m a bit bummed that this project might take 3 months for first draft, but at least it’s still coming.


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