Day 21 in the wastelands

This is really a post to update on stats more than anything else. I always feel as if I should be giving somewhat meaningful updates when I’m blog writing these days. Chances are it’s probably more laziness.

So, thus comes the close of day 21. 10,868 words completed. That’s an average of 515 words per day. I’ve been writing 6.75 hours in the 21 days that I have been working on this project, which comes out to 1,610 words per hour.

I’ve not written 7 days during the last 21. That’s a writing occupancy of 66%. To make myself feel a bit worse about that lack of dedication, that’s a whole week during this time that I have decided not to write. Almost half of the time during this project, I’ve not manned up and sat down.

In terms of the actual project itself, I’m finishing up on chapter 5. My characters have rushed out into the world on their quest, killed three people already, and spent one night out exposed in the pouring rain. I have had my doubts about a few things, but this is draft 1, the draft when you just get it all down. My mind is always a bit ahead of things, but at the same time trying to juggle what should be coming next. I’ve got a rough idea of direction and events, but the exact path is always down to how it comes out.

It will be interesting to see how these stats work out after a month. At the moment, I’m just going to be focussing on getting the days I write up a bit more. There’s never an acceptable excuse. Finally, I’ve dumped 750words.com. It’s a pain in the arse to update, and I’m not getting anything out of it that I can’t get out of myself.

More to come!


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