One week in (sorta)

One week or so into my writing and I’m going as well as I could expect. OmmWriter has been a bit of a bitch for me, saving in strange files, and making me think on two occasions that I’ve lost my progress for the day. I also had a bonafide computer crash, where I actually did lose about 300 words.

This is a timely reminder that one should back up. Regularly. And in multiple places.

Three chapters in, I feel as if things might be progressing in the story a little bit TOO quick. The heroes have their quest and are off on their journey already. No mucking around with this lot. There’s stuff to be done, and people to save.

The elves of the setting are coming off as the most horrible evil things I’ve ever written. The settings a lot more dark than I thought it was. I just have to see these four off to their destination and back, with plenty of action and drama along the way.

I’m a little worried that the main character doesn’t bother to talk very much, either.

Well, onwards I write. I’m up to around 6k now I think. I’m aiming on around 80-90k, which I think I should be fine with. More updates to come.


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