A rocky start

I’d like to say that starting my novel was an easy run. Well, it was, partly. And then Friday hit.

I’m only really a few hundred words into the novel, up to a little way through chapter 2. My computer crashed down after about 15 minutes on Friday, day 3, of writing, and I lost what I’d done at the time.

This is a mental note to back everything up, but then I’m writing between two computers and sharing with Dropbox.

There’s not much that can really be said about the process at the moment. I can agonise over whether or not I’m getting this right, or that right, but at the end of it all, all that really matters is that it gets down on the page. I keep thinking whether or not it’s going to be a novel worth reading. As much as I’m writing it for me, it’s a waste if it doesn’t get read. Such are the doubts of any author when they start a new work.

If you’re interested, I’m writing using OmmWriter, which I wholeheartedly recommend. It does a very good job of blocking out any distractions and focussing you right in on the words.

After a lunchtime of hacking out the words, I paste them into 750words.com if only for it’s systems. It gives me a score, which I find motivating. And the strange statistics and facts it gives you about the stuff your writing it just bizzare at best. My novel so far is concerned mostly with Death and Success. Damn right. Given what my main character has just waded through in chapter one.

More reports to come, but I’d definitely point you over ar Ruzkin’s site at the moment. He has the same problem as me. I’m writing fantasy, but I’m dreaming of cyberpunk. Here’s to a week more productive than my weekend, and with less cyberpunk. Thanks Deus Ex.


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