What do I read next?

Now that I’ve started reading again I’ve moved back into my Goodreads profile. It’s a bit disturbing how little I’ve read and that the last book I can really trust in terms of an exact date on is Wolves of the Calla. A horrible book, that one was. August, 2010. Since then I’ve read two that I’ve recorded. I’ve just finished Clash of the Kings, and quickly onto my next volume.

The Kindle is seductive in terms of ease of use. As a librarian I always had a stack of books at my fingertips. When I’d finished one, I could pick the next. Same with the Kindle, but without the weight. I debated Heretics of Dune against the Fate of the Jedi’s book one. Eventually, the free book that was the first to be downloaded to my Kindle via whispernet won out. All with a few clicks and presses. Republic, by Charles Sheenan-Miles.

If I hadn’t had a bunch of preloaded stuff, I could easily have connected magically to Amazon and pick out something. Browse through the samples if I needed to. I would have to say that the barrier between me and reading wasn’t much more than the distance to the local library.

I am no longer among those hallowed halls. I feel a little crap about the fact that something like distance would slow my reading. Having said that, part of it has to do with a totally uninspiring choice of books when I’m stuck with browsing like a general user rather than knowing and discovering as a librarian.

Needless to say, I’m rather loving my Kindle.


4 thoughts on “What do I read next?

  1. Do not touch Fate of the Jedi. It’s the literary equivalent of watery, wilted weeks-old McDs that someone has packed in a crisp new brown paper bag.
    I’ve skim-read the first 5, I think. Nothing to make even that effort worthwhile.

  2. Yipes! I can just picture what you said too … how does it compare with the previous 9 books? At best, that was just pulp sci fi with characters we already knew. Nothing worse than what George has done to the IP.

  3. For all the face-palms and frustrations of the Legacy of the Force series, there were enough twists and Star Wars moments to make it fun. I would say re-readable, for those reasons.

    Re-reading any Fate of the Jedi would be like rubbing coarse sandpaper across my eyeball. It is a tenuous 9-book bridge to the launching pad for their next arc. That is all.

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