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Joining the Kindle family

My tracker tells me that I should expect delivery of my new Kindle in a week. I hope that it doesn’t take that long, but in the scheme of things, it’s not all that long.

I challenged myself at a point in the past to read nothing but ebooks (free or otherwise) for a period of time. I think it was six months. That’s an interesting proposition in itself, but one that I gave up before I started, for the mere fact I had nothing decent to read them on.

Now, after watching the Kobo launch locally, and following in the footsteps of Cassie, I will soon have something that makes that proposition one that I could follow through with. Comparing the locally released Kobo with the internationally shipped Kindle is like comparing a pushbike to a Porsche. Furthermore, a comparison where both were traveling between Auckland and Hamilton during heavy rain.

I don’t find it all that hard to rave about the Kindle without even having it, because I’ve seen the Kobo and have seen how not to do an eReader. A tiny amount of text that takes seconds to read, followed by more seconds to phase the page to the next, compared to something that’s magically connected to a bookstore and Wikipedia at all times, without wireless.

The possibilities of a device that has any book I want to read within seconds is staled slightly by the fact there are already books I’ve discovered I can’t read. They just don’t have eBook versions (followed quickly by me wondering why they don’t, in this day and age). But if my internal thoughts and excitement of the idea is anything to go by, the librarian in me thinks ‘darn, how do you compete with that?’ other than by staff experience and the experience that a person gets in going to the library itself.

Am I suggesting that the Kindle might replace the physical book for me? Hard to say, but it seems to have a good head start on the process. Partly because I’m a technophile of sorts, I grew up with both the old and the new worlds in that regard. The only thing standing in the way of a bookless future in my case is the fact I’m finding it hard to find something to read that’s not romance.

My first purchase will be Past The Borders (which I’m sure you’ve already purchased, and if you haven’t why haven’t you?). Next, I’ll be loading up the reader reviews that I’ve promised people. Reading on a laptop is not a fun experience. Just one of the benefits of a device, nicely priced, that can do the job for me.

I know there are probably plenty of Kindle die hards out there. I’ve already been welcomed with open arms by a number of people. Any hints, tips, advice for a new member of the family? Other than the fact Amazon were nice enough to set it up with my account details. After I take it out of the pack, and connect, no doubt it will start downloading all those free books I’ve already ‘purchased’ from Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Joining the Kindle family

  1. Welcome to the Kindle club!

    You might run into problems with geographic restriction though – there’s a lot of books available on the US store that aren’t sold overseas. Same with the free books offered by Amazon almost daily (I keep track of them for my blog) – they aren’t all available overseas either.

  2. I’ve sorta hit that in a good way I think. I actually ordered the US Kindle, and Amazon set me straight almost instantly. And I have picked a few books that they’ve happily supplied me. I think that as long as I’m logged in as me, it’s keeping all the US stuff out of my sight, which I appreciate …

    I’m very interested to see how it goes though.

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