Between projects

I find myself in a lull when it comes to editing work on the novel, and I should be prompted by those around me.

My writing group is thrashing through a number of personal projects, as well as our monthly writing challenge.

Ruzkin, on the other hand, appears to have turned into a writing madman. Rather that try and detail his many ongoing projects, I’ll guide you over to his homepage. Visually, I figure it looks like juggling about six cats, three of which have their tails on fire.

So, only right that I throw myself into another project while I wait for my noveling processes to work through. In this case, it was the monthly challenge that seemed like the no brainer.

Three days later and I’m done.

A few things I want to share about this all. Firstly, if you haven’t already downloaded OmmWriter, then do it. No, seriously. Now. I find that there are two challenges to writing. Finding the purpose and time to sit down and do it, and then continuing strong when you do. OmmWriter helps you with the latter of these two. In the three sessions I wrote, I ended up running late on coming back from my lunch break twice.

OmmWriter does just that, shuts out every influence on you, and lets you just write. Pop your headphones on and you’ve got a recipe for writing to the point of missing the pesky outside world.

Secondly, I find myself more and more dipping towards a three novel fantasy series as my next project. Nothing seem all that fixed in my writing, but this world has stuck with me for longer than most. And between all the media influences around me, and Ruzkin’s great Century of Sand series that I have the privilege of reading through (I have to remember that it’s meant to be work), I find myself wanting to write some good fantasy.

I aughta take be taking a leaf from the book of my writing buddies and Ruzkin, and sort my shit out. No need to be working at the rather snails pace I am, one thing at a time.

More to follow.


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