The Seed LP

Music and writing, for me at least, intersects a lot. Street Dreams, the novel I’m working on releasing at the moment, is soaked in local hip hop. And it’s the work ethics of rappers like Pakkz and Uptown Swuite that I look up to when it comes to writing.

The Seed LP is the result of that sorta work ethic, of which Uptown is part of. The others being Kahlee, and producer Adikt1.

I’ve talked about music before on my blog, but astute readers might notice that it’s all rather old music. That is, I unashamedly hold the 90s as the pinnacle of urban music, and don’t have a huge amount of respect for where it’s ended up these days.

Having said that, I’m quite happy to gush about The Seed LP. For me it’s a sound and feel of hip hop that I used to hear on a daily basis. And Uptowns easily one of the few rappers whose shown me that hip hop’s never really lost its way, it’s just a matter of looking for it in the right places. Then there’s getting the word out to the heads who wanna hear it when it’s found. Hence this post.

The beats and production got my attention instantly, but it’s definitely the content and flow that makes the deal. ‘The Streets’ has been my favorite track of theirs since I saw the video some time back, glad that they finally have it on an LP. ‘Trying’ is another standout track, lyrical testament of their drive despite situation. ‘Roots and Culture’ had me grinning the whole way through. Don’t think I’ve heard such a racially proud track in a long time.

Chances are you might not have taken your eye off the real hip hop like I have, dazzled by it’s endless glitz and crap of late. Or maybe you’re just keen to check out what some real hip hop sounds like. Either way head on over to DJBooth to pick up your copy. Much props to Uptown, Kahlee and Adikt1 for giving us this one to us for free.

While you’re at it, show some love and head on over to their homepage as well.


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