Write when your ill

My valuable lesson is that even though you’re plagued with the worst flu in who knows how long, one can still write. Thankfully this time around things were made easier by the fact that I’d written down a list of all the changes I needed to apply and check. And it’s probably not something that I’d recommend.

There really is no excuse not to write, it’s merely something that needs to be done.

Whether it be time or the marvels of modern medicine, I am on the mend and ready to get back out into the world least I be hit with the onset of cabin fever as well.

As a side note, and although I would usually write a full review, I have to recommend the film Thor to anyone who might be thinking about seeing it. I put the responsibility for its goodness squarely on the shoulders of Kenneth Branagh. That’s right, get a Shakespearian actor/director to make a superhero film.

Now with my faculties returning I can get back to post and the stricter business of writing.


2 thoughts on “Write when your ill

  1. It looks like it should be good! Will be awhile before I get to see it though, I think! Glad you are on the mend. I was most impressed that you were editing while sick – you’re being a real writer now 😉

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