It’s official!

I’ve been alluding to something over the last little while, and now I no longer have to be quite so mysterious about it all.

Bold Strokes Books have picked up one of my novels for publication, and it’s due to drop March 2012. It will be published through Bold Strokes Soliloquy Books, which specialize in Young Adult fiction.

Well, what’s the book about, you ask. I’ll give you the blurb, which is also published up over on my author page at the Bold Strokes Website.

Street Dreams

Tyson Rua has more than his fair share of problems growing up in South Auckland. Working a night job to support his mother, and helping bring up his two younger brothers is just the half of it. His best friend Rawiri is falling foul of a broken home, and now Tyson’s fallen in love at first sight.

Only thing is, it’s another guy.

Living life on the sidelines of the local hip hop scene, Tyson finds that to succeed in becoming a local graffiti artist or in getting the man of his dreams, he’s going to have to get a whole lot more involved. And that means more problems. The least of which is the leader of the local rap crew he’s found himself running with. Love, life, and hip hop never do things by half.

Very exciting news, given that it now makes me a (soon to be) published novelist. The excitement of this has sort of hit me in stages, and I think it will still take a while for it all to sink in. In the meanwhile, I’m busy working on editing.


6 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. Thanks all! This is the bit where writers can justify all those skipped lunches and ‘excuses’ for not turning up to stuff because they have to write.

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