The Zen of writing

Ok, I’m going to start off by saying that I’ll try and not be too superlative with this post, but I was rather impressed, to say the least.

There have been a number of writing tools that I’ve delved into, but very seldomly have I liked one enough to think that I’ll want to use it as a permanent writing solution. At the end of the day, nothing really beats something that will let you enter text, and give you a word count and a save function.

Until Cassie put me onto Ommwriter, that is.

Ommwriter comes in two flavors; the free version Dana I, and the pay-as-you-please Dana II, which is the same thing, but with a bit more breadth in customization options it gives you. You have to love an application that tells you to donate in a total ending in 1 cent, because it’s auspicious.

What Dana is is a writing application that blocks out everything but you and the words you’re typing. It runs full screen and removes any of the distractions that a few other applications I’ve tried does. The difference with this one is that it approaches it in a rather zen way.

Dana has soothing backgrounds, and calming, unintrusive music to block out the rest of the world. Dana II gives you a wider range of backgrounds, music and keypress noises, but the faint typewriter sounds sold me almost instantly.

The only thing I wish it has was a word count, but perhaps that is detracting from that it’s trying to do. Put you alone with the words, and get out your first draft. I have to say this is probably the only application I’ve ever seen that’s made me instantly think ‘I want to write. Now’.

2 thoughts on “The Zen of writing

  1. It DOES have a word count. at the bottom in the middle. you may have to save your document to get it to show, but it’s definitely there!

    I got that same feeling. That “i want to write!’ feeling, which is wonderful. I am using it more and more, when I get the chance, because I DO need to block out the other stuff. Glad you are enjoying it too 🙂

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