Bad author, BAD!

I have been a busy author, but I’ll get to that in a later update. But I’ll call myself out again on the fact that I haven’t been updating the blog. That’ll change. If you believe it.

On a totally different subject, I’ve now seen more than a few people at work with Kindles. I’ve seen no one with the local backed version, the Kobo. Which is probably a good thing. The hands-on I’ve had with the Kobo is like comparing a pushbike with a Ferrari.

Of course I’m a very staunch supporter of books in their physical format, being a librarian and all. But I can see myself being rather seduced by the Kindle. The possibilities of having so many books to read without having to ferry them around in my already heavy bag …

This is a little like my thoughts on onlining consoles. I was rather against the idea of putting my Xbox 360 online, but when I did, I wondered how you could run a console without it. I certainly hated the idea of paying real money for pretend money for goods that have no physical presence. Having said that, I now do that plenty now.

I guess it all comes down to convenience. It’s certainly a lot easier to force games on me when I’m sitting in my couch. I dare say that it would be a lot easier to sell me a book while I’m sitting on the train.

I’m yet to have any real hands on time with a Kindle, but I think I’m certainly a lot closer to the ebook case than I have been in the past. Having said that, I always have been to a certain degree, but it’s a matter of having something to read them on. And down here in NZ, it’s typically been the pushbike that is the Kobo.


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