One done

I think it’s been a rather long time since I mentioned Tyson on here. He’s the main character of a novel that I wrote a very long time ago. 2007 I think.

When I sat down to write it I had one thing in mind; I wanted a novel that did everything for me that B-Boy Blues did, but one that was set locally.

I think I did that, but Tyson’s been through thick and thin with me over the years. He’s probably seen more publishing attempts than anything else I’ve ever written.

I’ve been working on him the last week or so, getting him up to scratch again. If anything, it’s shown me how far I’ve come in the last 3 or so years. I was only working on formatting, and trying to stop myself from leaping into any number of bad sentences, constantly repeated words and other writing no-no’s. I stuck with what I was there for.

Thankfully, that is now done, and I’ll be onto other projects for the moment. I’m almost starting to feel like a real writer again.


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