Done, finally

It’s not that I haven’t been writing. It’s just that I haven’t had anything worthy of an update, but today is a noteworthy day.

I finished my short story.

I’m gonna save you my disappointment that it took almost a month to get out what’s essentially a 5k long short story. The upside is that technically I am keeping to my goals for the month. Sorta. Other than that pesky ‘write 200 words per day’ one. Pfft.

But now that it’s done and unleashed on my cadre of writers for critting, I have some critting of my own to do. Not something that I’ve done before, on either count, but there’s always a first time. Critting is a hard thing to do right. It’s not something for the faint of heart, to be sure.

I think the cartoon pinned to this post is probably an apt one. Although I didn’t accompany my short story with anything like what’s in that cartoon, I probably have to admit to thinking a lot of it. It’s hard not to send something out into the world without prefacing it with a warning of sorts.

I’m sure it’ll be fine …


One thought on “Done, finally

  1. Oh, you are not the only one. I try really hard not to start rambling like that when i send my work for critique these days! But it’s HARD not to some days 😉
    Good luck with the critting!

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