Whats on the playlist right now?

I won’t write about my progress with writing at the moment. That’s not really all that interesting, compared to what’s keeping me head down, ass in seat and writing.

I’ve talked about Kidz in Space before, what with their transformative rise from their members rap roots to something more in the orbit of music. While we’re busy waiting for their latest offering, they’ve kindly given us a free EP of off cuts.

Like most people seem to be saying, if these are the Off Cuts, then damn, the album is going to be some very nice stuff.

There’s a lot of nice stuff there, especially if you’re hungry like I am with anything that’s touched by an 8bit sound. Probably the best track there is their version of the Computers Want Me Dead song In Your Blood. But there’s a few other familiar tunes given the Kidz in Space spin here, and despite it being small, there’s plenty to like.

So, get you some Off Cut’s, while I keep on hacking to the end of this short story …


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