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12 months, 12 subs

Everyone seems to be making New Years resolutions, and I have done in the past, but generally don’t like them. Even when I do make entirely reasonable and measurable resolutions. Given that I tend to keep in the circles of writer friends, most of the resolutions and planning at the moment tends to be writing related. I can deal with that.

I’ve done more than deal with it over the last couple of days, I’ve given it some considerable thought. Well, not the goals, per say. Mostly what I’m going to do writing wise. The last year has been a total write off, despite getting published once, my output was fairly poor compared to past years.

Working call centres does not help your creativity or your ability to write.

However, Cassie is entirely able to do it while looking after three kids, and one adult. Surely I can do it. Right? Right.

So what best to commit to? Write novels? Short stories? I still generally don’t know what I want to do with writing. What I really want to do with writing. Get published lots? Write novels? Serials? Still don’t know. So I’m going to conveniently ignore that for a while. If it’s taking this long to come up with an answer, maybe it’s not so important, other than the act of writing.

I look at both Cassie and Ruzkin’s published lists with a monikor of jealousy and the editors voices speak to me, asking what I’ve done lately in terms of propelling myself towards some future greatness? Nothing, I reply. Well, other than getting one short story published this year. And it was in print, I qualify to the ever judging voices.

Writing short stories is good for a few reasons. They’re relatively quick to do, and quick to edit. And quick to get out into the wider world. You’ll probably never get rich quick off them, but you get a response. Good or bad. Ok then, stick to short stories for now, and plan larger things around that, if need be.

That’s when the idea hit me, as it tends to with the idea rich Aries. 12 months, 12 submissions. In the same vein as Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing, and Ruzkin’s Writing His Way to Eventual Success, I could blog about the process of writing 12 short stories (or more) throughout 12 months, and what happens.

Excellent. This would keep me blogging and writing. Sorted.

So some rules, then, I figure. 12 months, yes, but not necessarily 1 submission per month. Just 12 short stories, and 12 submissions somewhere in the year. This year is what I call a Huia year. I was published in Huia Short Stories 2007, a bi-annual publication. in 2009, I didn’t make the grade. 2011 is another chance. That’s one.

I reason that short stories are a good thing. 12 is an achievable number for the year, although I wouldn’t mind focusing on just short stories, rather than distract myself with novels. Also it lets me write lots of things, settings, peoples, genres. Perhaps just what an ideas heavy, implimentation short Aries writer needs.

And focusing on publishing is never a bad thing. I can write, but I tend not to follow up with the editing, submitting thing.

So then, join me for 12 months, and 12 subscriptions. I might even put up the 12 rejection or acceptance letters as we go along. I can’t promise it will be an educational ride, but it will hopefully be a fun ride all the same …


4 thoughts on “12 months, 12 subs

  1. Giving yourself a target can be great…just about to finish mine (which was kind of the opposite ((sort of)) of this) Having bored of submitting work, I decided to reject myself, once a week for a year. The idea was to skip the middle man and banish fear. To boldly destroy what was left of my ego, but most of all to write. Thats all it is, keep writing and keep enjoying and it feels good.. Think I might try something a bit more positive this next year…the demons are gone ;->


  2. Glad you’ve committed in public šŸ˜‰ I’ll be cheering you on, happy to crit any and all of those 12 stories or more, and help you on your path. It will be really nice to see you push yourself through all the stages and get some more publishing credits.

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