What’s all the fuss about?

Not sure that I’ve got so much fun and playtime out of such a simple and small little game, but Minecraft continues to distract me from my writing duties. Explaining this addiction is pointless, because it’s just one of those things that doesn’t sound interesting unless you experience it first hand.

It took me a few YouTube videos before I understood how being marooned on a beach with nothing, and being left to survive against the night could be so fun.

Most of the videos ain’t all that decent to watch, mostly because it’s one person wandering around doing stuff. But this particular series made me laugh endlessly. This is perhaps the only video I’ve seen that plays on the multiplayer aspects of the game.  Having a second person who is totally clueless about the game tagging along makes for some amusing watching.

It also gives you a very decent idea about a game that’s hard to do justice with a straight forward description.

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