Starting journeys again

Somehow my blog continues to get a tuneful trickle of visitors, despite the fact that I’m the most neglectful blogger ever. Every entry comes with a promise to write more regularly. But the days pass that I don’t think about blogging as much as I don’t think about writing.

Right now at least I’m reading, but probably the only book that I’d be guaranteed to read. If there was any book that I would take up as soon as I was able, it would be Factotum. If you love fantasy it might well be worth checking out, probably starting with book one, which is Foundling. You can find information about the trilogy at the official website for it.

The only bother of it all is that this is it. Book three is the end of the series, and there’s not much left after that than reading the whole series again. I have to take my hat off to Mr Cornish. Not since reading fantasy as a kid have I been filled with the same sense of wonder and want to explore. And maps in the front always go down well.

On the writing front, I’m firing up my old Asus Eee. No distractions, just writing. I’ll have to report tomorrow on how well that’s gone though …


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