Good writers update their blogs

Although, of late, I’ve never pretended to be a good writer. There’s a certain sort of writer for whom ‘other things’ are always more interesting than the business of writing. It’s probably the writer who has lost the habit. I have managed to get back some of the habit, and it’s only fair that I update my blog as well.

This month I’m writing with a purpose, with a cadre of other writers. I find myself within very fine company, including my usual suspects of Cassie, Merrilee and Ruzkin. Right now there’s plenty of pushing and shoving and keeping writing on track. This month I’m slotted to produce two short stories from submission. One down and one more to go. The second is proving a little elusive.

Recently I’ve been busy plumbing the depths of a new setting, which is a curious mix of fantasy elements. I’ve been there enough times of late, just not in this form. Proof alone that even unpublished and unseen stuff does contribute towards something in the end, the setting is a bit of this, and a bit of that. There seems plenty of breadth for storytelling in it yet.

Apparently, in December, I’m writing a novella in the setting for publishing as well.

Although I’m certainly not putting out the volume that I used to, at least I seem to have a little more focus thanks to my motley band of fellows. Forefront in my mind when I’m working is ‘what are you writing this for, what’s its purpose?’. Writing for the sake of writing is opulence. Better then that I write two short stories only, but both of them get farmed to a possible home.

I fell somewhat short on the Search Term Word Challenge. Merrilee was the winner at the end of the day with a very strong entry, and Ruzkin and Cassie placing with equally strong stories. Although Cassie and M. have sworn off entering again, I feel a burning need to win it, or at least place.

I’ve no doubt my entries have been strong, hell, my prior entry is now published. But in public voting there’s a certain sort of game that has to be played. I shall revisit this next time the opportunity comes around. From memory, this coming year is also a Huia Short Story year.

Enough for now. I’ll have to put reminders to myself to keep things nice and tidy up here and invest in a little more online presence. No good being a writer without the backing of a good site.

Meanwhile, note to self; less Minecraft.


2 thoughts on “Good writers update their blogs

  1. oh, Huia this year? interesting. Nice to see you posting here, even if its well overdue ๐Ÿ˜› and I have to agree that the little writing group thing is working well! Yay for having you back on track, YAY for having you actually thinking about why you are writing rather than just spitting out first drafts left right and centre and never perfecting your craft ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  2. Update…yeah…

    Nice to see you with some focus, and actually producing stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have to avoid bejeweled, it’s an evil time sink!

    You’ll get the Searchterm challenge. It is just taste of the readers. Keep at it!

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