Games, fun and a lack of editing

There are certainly a lot worse things to be doing on a Saturday afternoon, and I was certainly happy to be sitting in the relaxingly warm sun, mixing it up with a couple of boardgames and a number of friends.

We managed to get through two rather different types of games. Shadows over Camelot appeared to be a game balanced against the player, but despite the overwhelming sense of defeat in the game, it was no end of laughs as yet another card came out sealing our fate. We called it quits after our final game came down to pretty much one draw of the card, success or defeat. Defeat had never been so much fun, however.

Taj Mahal was a more civilized affair, and a close a game as Shadows over Camelot. I could see from the onset that there was a lot more strategy in it, despite it seeming a more complex card game than most. I managed to go from stunning wins, to stunning failures.

Ah, the fun you can have without a computer. Who woulda thought it?

And as of tomorrow (as far as I can tell) there will be a whole lot more fun, but you’ll need a computer to be part of it. ErgoFiction starts putting up the entries for the Search Term Challenge, one of which is mine. I can’t really say much more about it. The entries are blind, and the voting is entirely public choice. Us authors just get to sit back and take beds on which story we think belongs to who.

Mine won’t be hard to guess, at least those that know my style. Keep an eye on that site over the next few days, and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy reading. They also have a number of good articles over there at the moment, one of which lead me on over to the Protagonize website. I try to stave off the whispering voices that tell me I should go back into serials again …


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