When TV is good

I’ve been meaning to say good things about the recent BBC re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes in the series merely titled Sherlock. There are a lot of factors that might send someone screaming from the idea, set in the modern world, where Holmes is a compulsive texter and uses the internet to solve crimes, but here’s an outstanding review for the series that sums up whats so great about it as it hits the US.

And another piece of news that I’ve been meaning to blog about that is also coming out of the BBC and Britain is the story of Ridley Scott producing a 4 part mini series based on the Man in the High Castle.

I always wondered why this was such a very good book, but after having recently read it, it’s one of my all time favs. Written by Philip K Dick, it is the story of an antique dealer in Japanese occupied Los Angeles. Set in an alternate Earth post WW2, it supposes what things might look like if the Allies lost. But central to the story is a banned book that wonders what things might have been like if the Allies had actually won …

A movie might suck. A BBC series would probably do the whole thing a lot more justice. Needless to say, if you haven’t read the book do so. And while you’re at it read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the book that Ridley Scott used for the film Bladerunner. It shares very little with the original book, which is brilliant in its own right.

Finally, yet another bit of TV news I’ve been meaning to write about, this time not from the BBC, but from the States. The Walking Dead is getting closer and closer to a launch date. The trailer looks like great stuff, and the whole zombie situation series like a no brainer (no pun intended) when it comes an idea for an ongoing TV series. Fingers crossed that it’s good.


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