Gaming old school

Board games are a very welcome opportunity to go totally unwired and play games how they used to be played. And as much as you might think they’re totally dead as a form of entertainment, there are still plenty of rather cool games out there. Getting hold of them in New Zealand is another matter entirely though.

My mates and I have played plenty of Twilight Imperium, which is about as complex as your average epic space explore and destroy computer game. Something has to be said for a games complexity that it takes about 30 minutes to set up.

I haven’t even come close to winning a game of that. Too many variables for my head to deal with.

Last night was the first time that we’ve tried Diplomacy, and for me at least, the first time I’ve played it offline. Set in Europe at the dawn of WW1, the games rules are the opposite of Twilight Imperium, almost overly simple. With no dice rolling, and all the players perfectly balanced in their forces, nothing can be done without cooperating with at least one other player.

I managed to crush the board with little resistance, but then my position was a bit too sweet. Usually a 7 player game, we had only 4, and that meant 3 nations sat there and took what we dealt them. Two of them were my neighbours, fueling my explosive expansion, and leaving me far too big by the time I met the rest of the board.

Has anyone else out there had experience with either of these two games, or any other that they could recommend? Something a little more complex than Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly … having said that, I’ve played plenty of Risk.

2 thoughts on “Gaming old school

  1. There are hundreds of games out there with varying levels of complexity. Personal favourites are Carcassone, Titan, Puerto Rico or Munchkin.

  2. Hmmm … I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Carcassone! And I’ve been reading game rules online most of the day. I should check out that one too.

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